Glory Art Glass, Melville Street, Sandown, Isle of Wight
I wanted to build a glass studio in an old Chapel where the sun could stream through the rose window just like my friend in America, that's how the studio got the name Glory Art Glass. But when we found this old garage with the sun streaming in through the dusty windows of the large roll back doors it irresistibly became "Glory Art Glass Studio." In fact the sun shines through most of the day as we face south and it is our greatest influence because it brings to life the brilliant colours of the glass we make here. The same brilliance illuminates the waves as we walk each morning on the shore drinking in the earthy red of the cliffs the stark bone white chalks and the million greens and blues of the sea and sky.
  Seaspray and Chale are direct reflections of the beach scape and the sensation of being in and by the sea. Even more urban titles like "Graffitti" share the colours and forms of the landscape.   A friend once advised me to make what I wanted and if it was good people would beat a path to my door. I am not sure if this is a complete business strategy, but we do make what we want most of the time and  
  The various series of glass are named by the feelings and sensations they evoke and help to bring out the spirit of the work.

Samarkand reminds me of a travelling past under vast skies and wide horizons. Cherry blossom takes me back to Nara temple gardens where the Buddha's messengers, the deer, wander freely and carelessly on the pink, white carpet of fallen petals.
deal with our customers face to face in our studio gallery. We work as a family Nicky, my wife and our two sons making glass and selling it. We enjoy the direct relationship with our customers and increasingly we are also dealing by mail order and on the internet.
Apart from the blown glass and glass sculpture we also undertake commissions for etched glass panels and windows.

There seems little point in making the same thing twice so we don't and our customers appreciate owning something no one else has, often we make only a dozen or so pieces a day, each has its own character. Each signed piece is part of a series or family group sharing similar characteristics. Each series is open ended and sometimes halts only to be reawakened by a fresh idea or a crossover from another series at a later date.

For me the creative process has to do with living and absorbing the stimulations of each day, and through experience allowing these influences to permeate the work through the intuition. In both the living and the making the difficult secret is to be without prejudice, like a child, and like a child to enjoy playing with ideas and material.
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